Police watchdog to review Yukon RCMP use of weapon on hatchet-wielding woman


Investigators have been called in to review Yukon RCMP’s use of a “less lethal” sponge projectile-firing weapon to subdue a hatchet-wielding woman in Whitehorse earlier this month.

In a news release on Tuesday, police say they responded to a call on the evening of June 4 to find a woman trying to break into the Multicultural Centre of the Yukon downtown. The “agitated” woman was armed with a hatchet.

Police say they attempted to mollify the woman but were unable. They then used an “extended range impact weapon” in order to arrest her. 

The news release describes the weapon as “a less lethal option that fires large sponge or silicon-tipped rounds.” 

According to the RCMP’s

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