CBC Yukon panellists glad country gets minority gov't despite 'wasteful' election


Canadians re-elected a Liberal minority government on Monday, and Yukoners voted in Liberal Brendan Hanley, who will be replacing an outgoing Liberal, as the next Yukon MP.

After a 36-day election campaign that cost $600 million to hold, the final seat tally doesn’t look very different from the composition of the House of Commons when it was dissolved in early August — prompting CBC Yukon panellists Rian Lougheed-Smith and Asad Chishti to question why a vote was called during a fourth wave of the pandemic in the first place.

“I feel as though we woke up and everything’s the same,” said Lougheed-Smith, an off-grid homesteader near Dawson City.

Chishti, a Whitehorse-based

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