3 months after deadly shootings, grief and trauma linger in Faro, Yukon


Jack Bowers can’t help but be reminded often of that day, exactly three months ago, when his longtime friend Pat McCracken was shot dead at home in Faro, Yukon.

“Every time I drive by Pat’s home, which as I mentioned is just across the street from ours … I’m reminded of Pat and all the good that he did in the community,” Bowers, the town’s mayor, said.

McCracken, 73, was killed on Oct. 26 by a gunman on a shooting rampage in the small, remote town. Over the course of an hour, the killer visited several places in Faro, leaving McCracken and another person dead and a third person critically injured. 

Saengduean Honchaiyaphum, 42, was the other

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