For the first time in over a decade, restored Air North DC-3 takes flight


A vintage Air North DC-3 plane, grounded for a decade, took to the sky once again after being restored by aviation enthusiasts in the U.S.

“I am an antique airplane guy,” said Ken Casady, a pilot involved in restoring the plane.

Casady got to be in the plane when it flew last week near Hagerstown, Maryland.

“It was wonderful. Everybody involved had a big smile on their face after,” he said.

Two men test one of the propeller’s of the restored Air North DC-3 in Hagerstown, Maryland. (Air North DC-3 Yukon Sourdough/Facebook)

There were a few minor little glitches, he added, and adjustments needed to be made, but it did everything it was supposed to do. 


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