Yukon gov't denies travel subsidy for Dawson City child with cancer, in Whitehorse on doctor's advice


The Yukon government has denied a medical travel subsidy to a Dawson City child with cancer who is staying in Whitehorse on his doctor’s advice. The government has told the boy’s family it’s because there’s a hospital in Dawson.

Eight-year-old Kyron Verdeflor was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of blood cancer, in June 2021 after being medevaced from Dawson to Whitehorse. He spent 11 months undergoing chemotherapy at the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver before returning to the Yukon and now travels to Vancouver every three months for follow-up treatments. 

His father, Rommel Verdeflor, said the family has had no issues getting medical travel subsidies for Kyron and his

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